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Legend of JOHNNY Legend of JOHNNY

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fianlly Beat It

Took forever but I was finally able to beat the game. Really loved what you ended up doing with everything, and hearing the list at the end gave me a few extra good laughs and I'm really glad that you were able to add the last few cut scenes on Newgrounds, it really does make the game.

I ran into a bug here and there, but nothing that restarting the level didn't fix. It actually seems like a lot of people aren't quite differentiating in their mind between a bug and the fact that the game is actually just kind of difficult, but any which way there is no question that this game is an amazing feat for any one person to take up on their own. Well done.

Co-operation Co-operation

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Caught another glitch. Fun game though.

This is a really fun concept that is easy to grasp and easy to play. Now I just think you need tweak a few things to make it a little more playable.

A major problem I had, (and I realize that I can't blame you for this) is that I kept intuitively wanting to use 'shift' to switch guys rather than 'space' and I kept on restarting the level instead. I do think you should make the level reset button a little less accessable (like the R key for instance) that way it is less likely for someone to accidentally restart the level and in their frustration just quit the game.

My penchant for accidental level restarting however did cause me to find a few glitches in the game. For instance whenever I accidentally restarted a leveI I noticed that all of the coins re-appear AND I keep the coins I had already collected, meaning I could get an infinite ammount of them in almost any level.

A major problem though was found in the tutorial level when I got one of my men up to the flag and went to switch to the other to bring him up. Of course I had actually hit the restart button (being the haphazard player of games that I am) and found a glitch of major proportions. It seems my characters were floating in the air above their start point cycling through every character animation. Aparently this proved too much for my work computer (which admittedly isn't the greatest) and crashed my browser.

Glitches alone however, do not necessarially kill a game. This is a very fun game and is worth playing, however I do think you should work on improving the fluidity of the game. I am by no means a programmer and may not be able to put this in the proper terms, however I will use for an example the 'boost' used throughout the game. The only way the boost works is if you are stopped, facing the ledge you wish to ascend, and then you jump while holding forward. This is perfectly fine, however it does begin to feel a bit stiff. You are not able to run and jump into the boost, and if you are accidentally facing the wrong way you cannot turn and grab the ledge. Having to go through the rigid action of stopping, boosting, and climbing every time (even though it only takes seconds) does break up the flow. Take a look at the early videogame successes (mario, sonic, etc.) and you realize they are based on fluidity and speed whereas the failures (elevator action, E.T. ) were blocky and slow.

As I said before, it IS a good game, and I did have fun playing, I just think a bit of improvement could make it a classic.

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Billy Genocide Billy Genocide

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Loads of fun, but it needs some tweaking.

I found this game to be extremely entertaining in nature. It definitely utilizes the concepts that keep gamers satisfied, constant changing in weapons, satisfying carnage, a good sense of urgency and theme.

There were a number of glitches, the only one that I ran into repeatedly enough to give an acurate description was in the last level. For some reason whenever I went to reload the assult rifle instead of giving me waiting "reload" bar it simply took away from my stamina for a second or two.

The other complaint I have is that the baracade system seems flawed in the sense it feels like there is no point to them other than to force you to jetison your inventory. There is nothing wrong with that in theory as a constant change in weaponry does keep things interesting, but if this is the case then the process of searching for items to trade seems futile and probably should not be included. Of course this may not be the case in reality, but it certainly does feel that way (I played through twice and both times was unable to make it past a single barracade without getting rid of every item in my inventory) I tried giving away my guns first, I tried reasoning what items might be most valuable to the survivors, but each time it just came down to getting rid of everything.

In all this is a fun game however in its current form it is hard to consider it anything more than an entertaining time waster. I don't mean that in a bad way in the least, but in order for it to become a game that will truly stick with its players I think you need to add a bit of strategy to the overall gameplay. To me the most obvious place for it would be in the baracade system, but there are many ways you could take this beyond a simple "bash and shoot" game.

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RpgBossBattle1 RpgBossBattle1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's a start.

I did enjoy this game for what it was, although I wouldn't suggest it to anyone who didn't inherently like RPGs. I do have a few suggestions for improvement, such as the addition of a HP marker that displays above the characters heads showing how much HP was lost on an attack. This is pretty standard in all RPGs and helps the player quickly determine how effective their attack was so they can try and devise a stratagy to defeat the boss. It might also be fun to add sprite versions of famous bosses from other games so that players can have the fun of trying to beat their favorites.

Another thing that might be a fun improvement would be the addition of new attacks and perhaps some sort of system of customization for the player's character.

Other than that it is a good effort, the graphics are good and the camera work shows talent. This has the potential to be a really fun game for RPG fans when finished.

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splattagam &é²à splattagam &é²à

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm probably stabbing myself in the foot but...

I actually thought it was kinda funny. Probably because I don't care about the whole 'clocks and locks' thing and can appreciate the snyde wit applied within this short.

I probably wouldn't have found it as humorous, or even humorous at all without the addition of the second bit. The art was bad in the sense that you could tell someone with talent drew it haphazardly, which is okay with me considering that it was obviously meant to be a single gag flash made quickly to stir emotion and controversy throughout the public. Really the type of thing that Andy Kaufman and Strawberry Clock used to do, and now there are many out there who would consider them comedic legends.

I know I'm probably wasting my time honestly reviewing this as the author likely is just trying to have some fun (for which I can't blame (or blam) him) and he likely doesn't much care about anyone's oppinion on this short. And the clock and lock phenomenon is shuch that I will probably be shunned by its fans for not blamming immediately, but oh well. In the end it was a piece that made myself (and others from reading the previous comments) feel something, be it hillarity or anger, and that in the end I'm sure was the point.

As for the animation itself, as I said the wit was there as was the potential animation talent (good use of tweens, bounce, and distortion to create fluid motion... I know... that is the most anilytical breakdown of 'humping' ever.) Although I do appreciate the random single gags and the like, I would really like to see what this author can do with a full length story and animation.

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Rn86 responds:

see, THIS is what I call a review.
I agree with all the points you've stated, and would like to thank you for your review!

Sling Wars Sling Wars

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Glitch! Still a great game though.

I've actually been playing this game for a few days now and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I'm addicted. I did however find a small glitch (I'm not even sure if it could be repeated). The glitch occurred when I hit the quit button after a bee's nest had been thrown. The bees were released and played over the intro screen that I had returned to. Eventualy they went away but when I started a new game everything went wonky. I wish I could be more descriptive but 'wonky' it was. When I picked up my first item to throw it immediately jumped into the hands of the opposing character and I was able to direct where he was throwing it. After the object landed a bees nest appered nearby and was stuck in the middle of the ground... wonky indeed.

Anyways, despite this random oddity I had experienced, this is a fantastic game, simple to play but hard to master, which may be the formula for a truly great and memorable gaming experience. I can only immagine how much fun multiplayer will be when it becomes available.

The only thing I would like to see improved is a little more variety in weapons, and perhaps random special weapon drop offs or something like that because I found that once I gained the fire abilities my stock of weapons began to dwindle due to my constant reigning of firey terror down upon the heads of my enemies. I could easily see a situation where both teams are stuck on either side of the map throwing a single rock at one another or even finding themself weaponless if enough err's in judgement were made.

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Hedgehog Launch Hedgehog Launch

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game with great replay value.

This is actually the first game I've ever given a ten to. It is a really fun game that is real easy to pick up and play. Everything is extremely intuitive and with a bit of perserverence I think anyone can acquire the satisfaction of beating it. What struck me the most was the fact that I was able to beat the game first try (like 11 days or something) but I kept on coming back for more... At first it was just so see that cute little fuzzball rocket happily towards the sky and then plummet towards the ground, remaining obscenely jovial the entire time (haha). Later my interest moved towards beating my record. In the end I ended up getting him into space in 3 days. Hooray.

I really have no suggestions for improvement on the game itself, however I think in future editions it would be fun to see multiple modes, for instance a high score mode or a distance mode where you try to get him as far from the launcher as possible rather than into outer space. I think it just needs some kind of mode where the bar isn't autimatically set at getting the hedgehog to a certain height so that players can keep on trying to improve their records, that would probably keep people coming back for a long time.

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Dirk Dagger Dirk Dagger

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game, a few suggestions for chapter 2 though

This was really a fun game. The mood and story are great thus far and the satirical humor is well placed and doesn't take away from the game's plot. The few minor suggestions I have would be the possible addition of scroll keys or using the arrow keys to scroll around the areas as mousing over to the edge of the frame can get a little tedius. I also feel like the pointers focus points could be more exact. I don't know if I'm phrasing that right, but what I mean is that there were times when my pointer wasn't anywhere near the object in the scene which was being highlighted as a point of interest (ex. when at the hotel, my pointer was at the top of the screen but the first floor window was being highlighted.) This would make the game slightly more challenging and would cut down on those minor frustrations that one experiences in point and click games. Lastly, although I was very happy with the sound design as it was, I think the game could only benefit from a little mood music here and there and possibly a voice over or two in the more important scenes (I really do like the comic book style though, so it would be a shame to lose that all together.) All in all it was a fun game with good mood and humor and enough references and little things to warrant a second or even third viewing (raincoat corp? ha.)

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Dirt Bike 2 Dirt Bike 2

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Could be fun. Just spend more time on it.

I think this is a solid beginning, but far from finished. The physics were kind of interesting but I do agree with the complaints of slow pacing. Another of the main drawbacks to me was the setting. Driving over tractors and stuff just seemed asinine. It could just as easily have been dirt piles or ramps or something. Another thing that I don't think you capitalized on in this game is the opportunity for drawn out and brutal crashes. I think many players will play even a horrible game past it's welcome if there are some fun ragdoll physics when you wipe out. My last suggestion would probably be the addition of some sort of trick mode, just something where you can rev up and throw yourself off of a jump and see how many flips or stunts you can do.

Jack French #3 Jack French #3

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun series, but it needs a little work.

The story was enticing, and the gameplay was fun, but the script itself as well as the voice acting left a little to be desired. I personally was not a fan of the accent on the main character, the broken english just came off as bad voice acting. There were a few programming errors throughout that caused confusion as well. For instance I realized that some events, like the discovery of the credit records leading to the casino (I hope that's vague enough to not be a spoiler) happened without my finding the clues which should have lead up to it. All in all, it was an interesting enough series to keep me playing the whole way through, and these minor complaints weren't enough to turn me off to the game at any point. Good job.