Uplink Saga, First Episode...

2013-04-18 18:30:41 by sirjeffofshort

The episodes will be showing up here on Newgrounds pretty soon as well, but be sure to head on over to youtube if you want to play along with us.


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2013-04-18 22:36:01

The plot so far, reeks of reality, but the funny is good. Considering reality, we need the funny.
Looking forward to more of these!

(Updated ) sirjeffofshort responds:

Awesome, that's actually a lot of what we're going for, finding a balance between comedy and action or drama. We want the story to be engaging while still allowing us room to be funny. Also we want to try and replicate the story and tension of a golden age RPG as accurately as possible.

So I'm glad you've liked it (or at least portions of it thus far), hopefully we'll be able to exceed expectations from here on out.