The Uplink Saga

2013-04-04 16:25:48 by sirjeffofshort

The Second Coming is nigh...

A quick teaser for our newest project, "The Uplink Saga." This is a full on Action/Comedy designed to look and feel like a 16bit RPG. The series will be hosted on Youtube and will be an interactive show in which the viewers communicate directly with the characters via e-mail and comments in order to advise them and help them to survive. Subscribers to the youtube may also become privy to leaked documents, schematics and even be communicated with directly in order to better help our heroes.

Although the show will be centrally located on youtube, episodes will also be showing up here on newgrounds for your entertainment, however if you would like to play the game I suggest trying to keep up with the youtube page.

Till next time.



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2013-04-04 16:37:27

awesome! *subscribed*

sirjeffofshort responds:

Awesome back! Thanks a ton!


2013-04-05 00:27:07

The only problem I see: YouTube is most definitely part of the establishment, so anything divulged there would lead to your doooom. Plus I don't have an account there :|

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha, well as of right now all we know is that they are most likely not of this earth, and therefore just trying to reach the largest number of people to help in their quest. haha. Like I said, the episodes will be showing up here, but in order to play the game it'll have to be youtube (they're just set up better for it).