Epic RPG Quest Contest!

2013-02-16 10:59:20 by sirjeffofshort

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let people know that over at our youtube channel we're running a contest for our new series Epic RPG Quest. We had figured that a video series would probably be easier to properly maintain than a blog on our quest to collect and play every RPG for the original Playstation, so we wanted to help kick it off right.

The rules are in the video above if you care to check it out, and there are $100 worth of prizes being given out ($50 in games going to first place, $30 going to second, and $20 going to third.) Basically we've partnered up with a group of retro game collectors and re-sellers who have opened their inventory to the winners of those amounts.

Also, no qualms if anyone wants to subscribe for the contest and unsubscribe afterwards. We mostly just want to raise awareness about this silly thing we're doing. The subs are most just the only way to keep track who is in, although hopefully you'll like at least something on one of our channels.

As for Newgrounds stuff, we are working on an animated series that will be releasing both on Newgrounds and on Youtube, Epic RPG Quest is just something we were gonna be doing whether the cameras were rolling or not, so we figured why not, and then of course it doesn't really fit on Newgrounds obviously.

Anyways, that's all from me,

Till next time Newgrounds.



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2013-02-16 13:00:40

Tis madness to embark on such a quest. I'd like to see the stats when all this is said and done: Electric used, hours played, liquids consumed, game crashes... fare thee well!

(Updated ) sirjeffofshort responds:

Well the first stat is that the games themselves have an estimated total cost of about $2600... so we'll start there haha. We've also already had one memory card burn out thus far, prompting us to probably move to the PS3 hard drive for the next game.