When is the NEXT end of the world?

2012-12-07 14:47:32 by sirjeffofshort

I just realized something... we've been so focused on 2012 being the end of the world that we haven't been thinking ahead for when it isn't! I mean... back when Y2K was a huge letdown at least we could be like "Well, at least there's 2012 to look forward to" But... now what?!

So I propose here and now that we pick when the next end of the world is going to be so we can prepare for it. Feel free to submit your suggestions, any vague prophecies to back it up will be a HUGE bonus.


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2012-12-07 15:23:17

haha i still remember at 1st day 2000 everyone was thinking it was gonna be the end of the world ^^


2012-12-07 15:36:08

Still a few more days till we're in the clear Dude.

Don't count your chickens just yet!

sirjeffofshort responds:

Very true, however I'm a pro-active 90's kinda guy as well as a number of other silly corporate buzzwords so I'm gonna be thinking outside the box and moving forward to reach beyond the stars. Never hurts to be prepared... plus also synergy.


2012-12-07 16:11:35

i don't think it's the end but i guess something bad is gonna happen


2012-12-07 17:45:23

I honestly keep forgetting the world's supposed to end this month. The apocalyptic speculation's not really a big deal to me I guess


2012-12-07 18:23:40

I still got my money on the Apophis Asteroid. 2036.. yahh baby yeah


2012-12-07 20:15:19

The next prediction has Doomsday sometime in 2013 and comes to us from Sir Issac Newton.


2012-12-07 21:40:49

The next big event would be the Solar Flare of 2016, in which the Earth gets microwaved for the better part of a day. Much worse than http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_storm_of_18 59


2012-12-08 01:47:07

i say the end of the world is actually what pessimists want you to believe in.


2012-12-08 06:41:09

If you read up, it was disproved . It wasn't meant to be the end, it was meant to be something like "the 13th cycle" from what i recall, something to do with a king's rule, but something about how things ended earlier for them than expected so the date is now invalid. There will be a new Mayan calendar coming for 2013 and so on, whether it will predict events or not is unknown. I believe in the solar flares, not sure when but if they got bad enough, it could knock out all of earth's power and we would be in an apocalyptic age that new jersey is experiencing due to Hurricane Sandy.

I think the best thing at that point would be moving to Florida, and catch and sell fish for cash, or lumberjack work, perhaps even learn to work with wood. Jobs without power, and no credit cards. No internet, no computers, no phones. We would be knocked back so many eras. My guess is solar flares or a series of massive earthquakes like the Japan tsunami incident. But I plan on stickin' around for a good number of years.


2012-12-08 07:05:06

I could tell you how the world ends, but then you might try to foil my plans...


2012-12-08 12:37:00

I'm not optimistic enough to believe in the end of the world.


2012-12-08 15:04:56

The day they decide to bring out another twilight movie.


2012-12-08 15:07:55

I think the asteroid Apophis will be the next thing :D


2012-12-08 15:07:55

I think the asteroid Apophis will be the next thing :D


2012-12-08 22:13:33

You should ask Harold Camping; he's a whiz at coming up with dates for the next end of the world, and he's had more practice at it than anyone else.


2012-12-09 02:38:24

2020. Because it sounds more dangerous than 2012.


2012-12-09 08:52:42

2045...because it gives people more time to dread their demise...i was only able to build up so much anxiety between 2000-2012..i think 2013-2045 should be appropriate. :P


2012-12-09 19:22:23

2084. hasn't midway taught us anything?


2012-12-09 19:54:19

I think October 17th of 2013. That's the 25 year anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake that destructed the San Francisco bay area and wrecked the Giants game. I predict that the Giants will again be playing for the title and only the end of the world could stop them from 3-peating


2012-12-22 16:15:25

in the year 2101, war is beginning