Epic RPG Quest

2012-09-05 19:56:36 by sirjeffofshort

For anyone who might be interested in such a thing, I have decided to embark on what I am calling the "Epic RPG Quest." My goal being to collect and play every singe RPG ever made for the original Playstation game system.

I have compiled a list of 68 games with an estimated retail pricing of 2,601 dollars that I plan on accumulating over time.

For anyone who finds this an interesting or confusing bit of insanity, I have decided to chronicle the entire process as well as my personal reflections here...


At the moment it is a lot of exposition as to how we got to the point we are at, as well as a single personal reflection on Final Fantasy VII, however I will be adding to it as my story unfolds.

I am not setting out to review these games, but rather to chronicle my personal experiences in collecting and playing them as well as the journey of self discovery and reflection that it brings about. So although this is mostly something I'm doing for myself, I figured I'd throw it out there for any interested parties to check out.

So stop by if you feel like reading about it or leaving your own story behind a particular game. If it's not your bag of cheese (a phrase I just made up but will be using a lot from now on) then you are probably a much cooler person than I.


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2012-09-05 20:10:31

Aww yeah, Legend of Dragoon.
Don't forget Dragon Valor.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Legend Of Dragoon is the one I am currently playing. Dragon Valor is number 16 on my list.


2012-09-05 20:18:09

This is actually a really clever and awesome idea.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks man. I honestly wasn't sure if anyone would get behind such a thing, so the encouragement is appreciated.


2012-09-05 20:53:12

Oh god I fanmanned at legend of dragoon, that game was amazing. Still hyave the whole CD set in my room, good memories man, good memories.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Good memories indeed. I've found there's a LOT of good memories tied to all these games, which is the whole reason I'm doing this. Legend of Dragoon is in my console as we speak so once I'm caught up I'll post my musings on that one too, so feel free to swing by and share your stories.


2012-09-05 21:40:16

Remember to get MediEvil. It may just be an adventure game with RPG elements but it is an awesome one nonetheless.

sirjeffofshort responds:

I think I may end up compiling a supplementary list of hybrid games like this one. I totally LOVED Medieval when it first came out, so I definitely want to pick it up again.


2012-09-05 22:55:18

You should try Wild Arms and Suikoden; both are great series.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Absolutely. Both are on the list (#s 53,54,66 & 67). I have played Wild Arms 1 before and look forward to the others.


2012-09-06 00:36:49

Hmm... What about Chrono Trigger? It was made for SNES but there's a PS1 version as well.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Yep, Final Fantasy Chronicles (which contains Chrono Trigger) is number 23 on the list.


2012-09-06 19:25:08

I hate you. You just made me teary nosy-talgic.

Now I have to play Megaman X Command Mission (yes it is an RPG) for the nth time.


sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha, sorry. And I agree, it absolutely IS an RPG.


2012-09-06 22:56:44

Good luck finishing all those games. It took me like 2 years to beat The Legend of Dragoon. And by then I had forgotten the first half or so of the story.
...fucking Zenebatos...

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha. Well, in full knowledge that some of them will be damn near unplayable, I have put the restriction that I don't have to beat every single one, but I will give it my most earnest try. I AM playing Legend of Dragoon right now though, and that is one worth completing for sure, regardless of circumstance.