Of and pertaining to POOP.

2011-04-19 16:02:11 by sirjeffofshort

A friend of mine and writer on a number of my ventures (Both animated and non) has begun a podcast. In stark contrast to the many podcasts on the market which deal with either pretentious know it all's trying to solve the worlds problems or people giving their opinion on the latest pop culture or nerd news, Karl's podcast is focused entirely on feces.

Interesting stories of people pooping themselves, farting in inappropriate places and any other such bathroom business. It is for these reasons (coupled with the fantastic hosts themselves) that I find this show hilarious and needed to share it with the world.


Check it out if you are a true fecalfeliac at heart and perhaps if you have an interesting poop story of your own you can contact them for a future show.


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2011-04-19 16:55:30

Sounds like shit.


sirjeffofshort responds:

It's totally shitty... I promise.


2011-04-19 20:09:13

try having to babysit when one kid poops himself, gets it on his hands, and runs around touching things crying and refusing to wash his hands

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha. Well that sounds like one for the podcast.