Sketched WILL return! (Anyone want to animate?)

2011-01-18 13:46:59 by sirjeffofshort

SO THE NEWS IS that after a year of making the rounds about town, the Sketched property is now officially 100% mine again. Although the show did not get picked up it DID open the doors for some new work... but that's not what I'm here about right now.

I have decided to return Sketched to the internet. That's not to say that it'll never be seen on television, but I would personally rather keep breathing life into it via internet installments rather than let it die while making the rounds. Perhaps in the future I will seek a sponsor for it, but for now I think we'll just keep on the track we had been going before it was picked up.

HERE'S THE CATCH! As I mentioned before, the events of the past year have opened up the doors for several amazing projects for those of us on the sketched crew. (AMAZING projects that I will announce as soon as I have the go ahead to do so, I promise) For this reason, although it will be the same team writing and acting in all of the episodes, I have decided to appoint a good friend, JOSH METZ as the head animator of the Sketched series. In many ways this will likely prove a fantastic move for all parties since he has been helping with the series for over a year now and fully animated my favorite looking episode SOUVENIRS. So we will be recording new episodes soon and you can start expecting them soon.

ON THAT NOTE! I have also decided to open up the series to special guest animators if there are any interested parties. I really only have a handfull of rules when it comes to the animation, you must use the seven mouth style of lip sync rather than just the anime open close style of animation and all tweens (if used) must be broken down into 'two's so that the animation translates well to video. If you're not quite sure what that means I'll be more than happy to explain, it's really pretty easy. Other than that you are in total creative control over how the cartoon looks.

ANYONE INTERESTED IN ANIMATING a sketched episode, drop me a PM with some sample links and I'll let you know. Until we find a sponsor for the series, I am willing to give the animator of an episode 100% adshare revenue of that episode (no lie) as compensation.


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2011-01-18 21:34:51

Thanks, dude! It means a lot to have worked with you, but means more that your plans are to keep me in the present and future tenses as well!

Thanks for being there and answering questions when I needed it.

(*You wrote "is NO 100% mine" instead of "now" at the top. It's kind like if there was food in your teeth; would you tell me? LOL...)

sirjeffofshort responds:

No, thank YOU. It's always been great working with you and I'm only happy to continue the tradition.

Thanks for the catch on the edit as well. I went back and fixed it.