iphone game "Ninja Penguin Rampage" due out this month!

2010-11-30 18:15:31 by sirjeffofshort

A Co-worker and friend of mine has made an iphone beat-em-up engine and released his first game "Ninja Penguin Rampage". I am proud to have helped with the artwork and cutscenes for the game which has been picked up by publisher Chillingo and should be released to the general public as of the 16th of December.

Check out the preview...

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Here are some more links for interested parties...

http://www.chillingo.com/upcoming_game s.htm



In animation news, I have also been working on some new projects with some fairly prominent hollywood acting talent, more info on this to come but suffice it to say expect some pretty cool things in 2011.

Here's another penguin screen shot...

iphone game "Ninja Penguin Rampage" due out this month!


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2010-11-30 18:31:44

Damn, i don't have an iPhone.