German fan dub!

2010-01-15 15:07:24 by sirjeffofshort

Somebody out there likes us enough to make a German fandub of our Prospector sketch... it seriously made me laugh all over again...

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Just thought I'd share.


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2010-01-15 17:42:43

Nice. Someone did this with my Mad Mad Mario video on youtube. The crazy thing is that it has more views than the regular version.

sirjeffofshort responds:

haha, I know. I'm considering doing the show in German now... It might be funnier.


2010-01-15 22:56:01

The Prospector lingo spattered through the Germanic yelling is priceless.



2010-01-16 06:11:16

ohohoh nice man


2010-01-16 09:59:06

That's just horrible, why do Germans have to dub everything they get their hands on. It's just like when you watch a movie on a german tv-channel (i live in the Netherlands so we get some german channels too), you never see anything in the original language with subtitles. And it's like they use the same voice cast for every movie. And don't forget the horrible lip sync.
I think movies should be watched in the way they were meant to be watched. Because a lot of good things get lost in translation. It's even good for learning foreign languages. I learned most of my english by watching movies and TV-shows with subtitles when i was a little kid. Really, you learn English better by watching TV than that they teach you at school.

Seriously, am i the only one here who doesn't like german dubs?


2010-02-04 13:22:23

Nice to know that someone did a dub! I mean i personally would dub babies! Since thats so amazing and funny :)
And dude, im working on the big heads episode 4! Its gonna be Great.. i hope :D
ill try to make it the best as i can


2010-02-06 19:26:30

I'll bet if you dub "Vikings" in japanese it'd be a huge hit!

(Those Japs are all about the rape jokes)