Yep... I'm gonna be there...

2009-07-23 14:54:41 by sirjeffofshort

Comic Con tomorrow (friday) ... not entirely sure what to expect as I went to Wizard World last year and it was kinda a little lame, sorry to say.

I'll be sure to swing by the NG/Behemoth booth and see what's shakin over that way, other than that I have no real plans for the day so if anyone is interested in meeing up and saying hey be sure to keep an eye out for myself and Bill or shoot me a pm ahead of time or something.

Hope to see some of you there.

In other news, count down ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW till NEW SKETCHED!!! That's right, next week we will begin to unleash the sketched pilot in increments on the internet with new episodes to come in the months to follow.

We actually have a bit too much footage for the pilot (including all skeches already made) so we will in part be basing decisions on what to include (or whether to record more) on your votes and comments, so if you LOVE a particular sketch be sure to vote the hell outa it.

Till next time,



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2009-07-23 15:07:04



2009-07-23 15:17:15

Dammit. I wish I lived in California. :(

Can't wait to see the new stuff man. be sure to let me know when you put it online.



2009-07-23 17:03:25

Well its about god damn time. xD

Cant wait lolz. And I will glady continue voice acting for you.


2009-07-23 17:44:22

you got a pass to get in?

If not, take a picture of the never-ending line and post it here :)


2009-07-25 15:02:35

new fucking aweosome!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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