Updates on things!

2009-06-16 04:06:56 by sirjeffofshort

For anyone who cares I figured I would fill you fine people in on what has been happening since I dropped off the face of the earth about a month ago.

We have finished recording the first official "Sketched" episode and with the incomparable founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe, Matt Besser . The sketches have come out hilarious if I do say so myself and we will be sharing them with you fine people via the internet over the following months once animation is finished.

On that note, we are making incredible headway on the animation process itself and as of this weekend should have final animation done on the first round of skits, with the second round to shortly follow.

"All that is fine and dandy," you must be saying, shortly followed by "but when do I get more content." Well, good news on that front as well. With the help of some animation guides from L.A. locals Titmouse studios (of Metalocalypse and Adult Swim fame), 6 Point Harness (Currently animating the Drawn Together movie), and several other very friendly local studios, I have developed a very workable system for animating the Sketched series and have even taught it to Mr. Bill Rinaldi (maverick32183) and he, will be taking over principal animation on our new online exclusive episode of Sketched. This means several good things including the production of online content WHILE we still produce our main content, and an overall speedup in production in general.

Lastly, for anyone planning on attending comic-con, myself and some of the Sketched crew will be touring the floor on Friday with a number of "Sketched" DVDs containing all of the pilot sketches for you to check out before anyone else as well as some extras behind the scenes content... did I mention they will be FREE!? So if yous see us around feel free to pester us and you may be able to get your hands on one.

Till next time, keep on rockin internets.


p.s. Here's some creepy rednecks eating pie.

Updates on things!


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2009-06-16 05:19:20

f""ck! i want to be there!

sirjeffofshort responds:

Maybe we can work something out where I can at least get a DVD to you. I'll drop you a line when it's all nice n' ready.


2009-06-16 09:00:03

So does this mean we should expect a different animation style from the previous 'Sketched' flashes? Or have you merely accelerated the process with a few tricks?

sirjeffofshort responds:

Well, the animation is still being directed by myself even though other people are helping out with the animation, so I would expect the acting to remain quite similar. The only really big change is that for some sketches the characters were designed by Josh Metz of Smirk Studios, to get a fresh perspective on some of the characters. Other than that it is mostly this accelerated trickery you speak of, haha.


2009-06-16 10:13:58

I was wonderin' what you've been up too. Hiding in the dark like that. Sounds like you guys are on the right track for some good stuff. Can't wait to see it. :)

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks man. It should be on the way soon.

I am absolutely LOVING Apocalypse Lane by the way.


2009-06-16 13:11:21

seriusly? i love your series but i live in norway :(


2009-06-27 13:36:13

LOL such AWESOME feedback and anticipation notes! These guys are really getting pumped, Jeff! I know we can deliver (=|)