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2009-05-06 16:07:13 by sirjeffofshort

Hey everyone, just wanted to get word out there that Bill started a "Sketched" facebook fan club thingy... I'm not entirely sure how those things work, but you can check it out here...


While you're there you could probably hunt him down and be his friend and whatnot... maybe... as you can tell I have no idea how facebook works.

In other news we have a name for our "Sketched" special guest comedian and as soon as things are confirmed I will make the announcement!


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2009-05-06 18:11:21

Lol sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetah. You could probably make a skecthed fanclub here on newgrounds.. but ah well.

So hows the movie coming along? And who do you mean by "special guest" :o

sirjeffofshort responds:

Yeah, I'm not sure how that would work on NG, haha.

The movie is coming along, it may get postponed a month because of heavy workflow and meetings and such in other arenas.

As for our special guest, I can't say quite yet as a date hasn't been set but we got in touch with a prominent comedian and actor from the LA area to record with the sketched series for our pilot (and maybe a few bonus online sketches as well).


2009-05-06 20:14:47

lol i dont have facebook anymore, cuz i never got the hang of it.

looking forward to another flash from you, as always.


2009-05-09 17:19:24

awesome man. my animation is better now. or atleast alot more smoother


2009-05-10 12:56:28

so cool!