Murder most foul, Sketched news, and the art of the fart.

2009-03-27 10:42:56 by sirjeffofshort


So last night I became privy to the fact that literally a block away from my house was a murder scene.

Scary stuff...

For those of you who can't be bothered with links (as I am often times guilty myself) basically three dudes (possibly dressed as cops) forced their way into this guy's apartment in the early evening (around 5) and continued to rob and murder him.

We had no idea it had happened until later, but Lori came home from work and was all like "Somethin's going on at the apartments down the street."

I know what you're thinking "That's LA for ya," But seriously, we live in the supposed "Safe" part of LA so people are freaking out.


The new Sketch is almost finished and will be going out in mid April. it will probably be finished prior to that, but we have our reasons for pushing the release date, sorry.

The next Sketch will actually be different as NONE of the usual Sketched actors will be doing voices. Instead we have chosen 4 talented voices from the New Grounds community to act out a sketch written by the crew in our first ever "Guest Sketch." We will be featuring the talents of General Ivan (Winner of last month's Voice Acting Contest) FatKidWitAJetPack (Organizer of the contest), Appsro (All around awesome dude and hilarious actor), and Va10r65 (Epic speech giver extraordinaire)


A fart joke collab... I am actually kinda serious pants about this. It started when Bill and I were talking about our favorite fart jokes that we have written but had to cut out of things for the sake of being mature and versatile comedians. Then we thought "screw it, let's string them all together and post it on NG, in an ultimate celebration of immaturity." Because (and I mean no offense by this, but let's face it.) New Grounds is kinda the perfect place for that kinda thing.

Then I thought, I bet other people out there have some pretty great flatulent funnies as well. And thus the idea was born.

Rest assured, if we did start such a thing only the best, most well thought out jokes would make it. Every entry would need to be something with a solid premise, setup, and punchline taking the joke "beyond the gas" ... of course, I can kid myself all I want, but at the end of the day it's still a fart joke. Haha.

It's still just a thought, but I figured I would throw it out there. I mean, I can't ALWAYS be about witty dialogue and situational humor right?

I'll leave you today with one of the first short films Noreasta Productions ever made that never quite made it to release due to sound and light problems (with a pretty nice fart joke in there too starting at about 2:30).

Till next time,

Keep on rockin' New Grounds.

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2009-03-27 10:48:55

yargle! FIRST!

sirjeffofshort responds:



2009-03-27 11:49:52

murders USUALLY have incentive so i'd say you're okay unless you're in a scuffle with dealers at the moment

sirjeffofshort responds:

True. It looked like a robbery and the guy was a DJ so there's a chance they knew he had a TON of equipment, plus it was a gated complex so they must have had some sort of a plan, still it's pretty crazy for something like that to happen at 5 at night (still during daylight hours) in this neighborhood.


2009-03-27 13:07:26

Silly old joke....
Man was having dinnerparty at his friends house and lets rip a rather loud fart.
Host angrily says " Oh Please....Do not fart before my wife!!"
Man replies " I apologise, I didnt know she wanted to fart first!"

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha. Sometimes the old ones are the best.


2009-03-27 13:18:06

*sniff* talented. ahh i havent heard that glorious word in a long long time.

And I have some funny one liners for you lol. ;)

sirjeffofshort responds:

Nice, I can't wait to hear them.


2009-03-27 14:34:58

Lol nice video...

(Can't sleep)

*smacks her with pillow*

"Huh, whats the matter sweetie?"

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha. Yeah, I always thought the script was solid, it's just sad that at the time we didn't have the equipment to do it the justice it deserved.


2009-03-27 17:36:45

:O murder. sick man! seriusly >:o theres no hell just earth and heaven :/

sirjeffofshort responds:

I know man. I don't think they've caught the people who did it yet either. Sick sad world.


2009-03-28 08:11:37

It is Newgrounds. Not New Grounds, nuh-uh. Newgrounds.

Being a grammar Nazi is fun.

(Updated ) sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha, I've gotten that before and I'm sure I'll get it again so I'll just explain my reasoning here. I base my grammatical decision off of the history of NG being as it started as Tom's self published and distributed Neo Geo fan zine entitled New Ground (the rough English synonyms of Neo Geo.) When he made the jump to internet he went through several variations (I believe one being NGR or New Ground Remix) and eventually ended up with the pluralized as the original had been taken.

I guess I am making an assumption in thinking that were it not for http's lack of spaces (and the use of underscores ability to make webpages harder to find,) the site would follow the original title of the magazine itself "New Ground" (pluralized for the internet).

It is for that reason when I refer to the community and content of the site I call it "New Grounds." however when referring to the website itself I call it "Newgrounds."

Haha. Nothing wrong with being a grammar Nazi though, I do it all the time.