Production slow down? Say it ain't so?!

2009-02-10 12:16:32 by sirjeffofshort

Well... it isn't... yet. I can't really divulge much of the details, but suffice it to say we have a LOT of stuff going on over here at Noreasta Productions (home of Sketched) and although it is all good and exciting stuff, I can't quite promise that we will be able to stay on our series production schedule as it currently stands. I can, however, promise that if it all goes according to plan, you will be seeing a LOT of new and exciting material come out of the sketched series, one way or another.

As it stands, the current cartoon is moving along swimmingly. I should have no problems getting it out to you by early to mid March. After that we plan on releasing the first part of our short sketch trilogy. This sketch (as advertised) will be a bit shorter than the others, however it is only the first part of a larger story. For some time after we may be doing shorter releases (don't worry, we would never cut back on the quality, you will still find the same great humor in every submission) in order to keep up the schedule while we ramp up production on our SEEEEEECREEET PROOOOJECT. (Although it's really not that secret if you think about it.)

I will keep you fine people updated as to the progress of our next short, however be forewarned, an unexpected slowdown may be forthcoming.



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2009-02-11 08:34:46

mid march! oh thats alot of waiting for such a good series :O
well good luck.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Well, I'm aiming for the first week in March so keep your fingers crossed. Barring any unpredictable circumstances I should be able to make it out then. I'll keep you guys updated though.