Front Page Woes

2009-02-06 12:16:13 by sirjeffofshort

Holy unexpectedness Batman! We made front page. Haha. Thanks to everyone for that and all their support.

It was honestly completely unexpected because the last few cartoons we put out never made it, and in all honesty I felt they were much better (especially Sketchedmas), but then again who knows how front page actually works right?

My main fear is that for many this will be their first introduction to the Sketched series as we are still relatively small on Newgrounds and I hate for people to get a bad first impression on a sub par episode.

Man, seriously... what kind of an asshole complains about getting front page? Haha.

No, in all honesty, it's pretty awesome and I thank everyone for their support.


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2009-02-06 12:56:07

I thought superbored was on the FP... hmm...

Anyway, the flash didn't disappoint! it still has that sketch comedy feel, and the ridiculous circumstance yet casual talking humor. and I've always wondered why you never Front Page post... you have trophies, that means you can do it... it'll get more publicity!

sirjeffofshort responds:

Pregnancy Test was the only other flash we've done that made it to front.

So far as I can tell the front page submissions are selected by the NG Mods and Admin, but that's mostly just a guess.

I don't really mind that the others didn't make it, I just moreso wish the one that did make it was a little better. Don't get me wrong, I still think it is a quality short or else I never would have posted it, but I just think it lacks in comparison to some of the old ones and especially in comparison to the next ones we have coming.


2009-02-07 18:34:37

i love scetched :D

sirjeffofshort responds:

Haha, awesome. Thanks man. We're glad you enjoy.


2009-02-11 14:30:55

Hey Jeff I'm pretty sure Sketchedmas made it to the front page.

sirjeffofshort responds:

No, if you check the front page archive it never made it. Again, I'm not disappointed that it didn't make it in general, moreso that the one that did make it was, in my opinion, slightly sub par.


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