Need Help Killin Zombies or Kickin out the Jamz?

2009-01-14 12:18:54 by sirjeffofshort

I was just wondering, is anyone out there on Xbox Live and playing Left 4 Dead or Rock Band 2 (or the original)? I mean, I know there ARE people playing these games, but I just hate playing with COMPLETE strangers so I figured I would see if anyone friendly from the NG community wanted to game. I'm pretty much mediocre at "Left 4 Dead" but I can play most any song in "Rock Band" on expert on the drums, so if anyone is looking for someone to play either game with hit me up with a friend request (I'm SirJeffOfShort on XBL too) or send me a PM.

Now on to more important business... the new cartoon! Progress is going along swimmingly and I will have finished basic animation this week, leaving me to do effects, expressions, and lip synch in the next few weeks. We are right on schedule to release by the end of January (with special thanks again going to Smirk Studios for all his help on the backgrounds.)

Noreasta Productions as a whole does have a few more things coming up the pipeline, but rest assured you will have monthly Sketched content right here on NewGrounds for some time to come.

Sadly I am unable to leave you with any production artwork this time, so instead I will leave you with this handy dandy live action sketch we made about a year ago. Enjoy.

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Whelp! Back to the mushroom patch!

Till next time,



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2009-01-15 17:09:33

i love left 4 dead... but i play it on my pc not xbox. funny sketch btw.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Damn. Left 4 Dead is awesome, I just picked it up last week but it is pretty much the exact embodiment of what a zombie game should be in my opinion. They really need to figure some way to bridge the gap between PC and Xbox gamers.

The sketch was really an off the cuff bit we came up with because Bill kept on saying nonsensical things in what we have dubbed "the old prospector voice" and we just picked up a camera and were like "we NEED to do something with this." Haha. Thanks for the comment.


2009-01-26 18:14:28

2nd comment!