Thanks To All and Updates

2008-12-29 11:39:25 by sirjeffofshort

First off I wanted to say a huge "Thanks" to everyone who has supported the Sketched series. We are now three episodes strong and moving forward and thus far people seem to be liking them. So again, thanks to everyone who has been seeking out the Sketched episodes, who has voted, reviewed and favorited. You guys keep us going from episode to episode.

On a more informative level. I am still on vacation in sunny Massachusettes and will be until the new year. I have been working intermitently on the audio for the next few sketches and have concept art finished for the January episode. This episode is decidedly more in depth animation wise so it may not come out until late January, however I have been playing a bit with a "behind the scenes" type thing containing rejected sketch animatics, behind the scenes footage and concept art to practice my AS and menu making skills, so that may be released someday.

Lastly, some people have mentioned an interest in collaborating with our crew, and I wanted to say that we are completely open to the idea. We have SO many sketches recorded that I could never animate all of them myself, and our voice actors are always willing to help out on projects that need vocals. So if you are interested in possibly animating or helping to animate a Sketched episode feel free to PM me with a link to some of your work or if you need a voice feel free to PM any of our voice actors.

Thanks again to everyone on Newgrounds who has supported us.



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2009-01-02 11:36:43

I really would like to work with you. But I have to finish the animation I'm currently working on. But, after that I'll PM you, can't wait! : )


2009-01-02 11:37:42

Hope you enjoy your vacation!

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks man, the vacation was fun, but now I'm back in L.A. and back to work. I had actually checked out some of your work earlier and I really like your style. Let me know when you finish your new animation so I can check it out, and if you want to in the future I am definitely willing to work on a cartoon with you. Thanks again.