New Cartoon and updates...

2008-12-17 12:02:12 by sirjeffofshort

Hey everyone, our official Christmas cartoon is officially in the portal... officially...

This one was a bit of an experiment in animation for myself, and sadly my PC got all virusey in the middle of production... but now I'm back with a brand new MacBook Pro and I'm ready to make more of those amazing little flash cartoons for everyone.

In other news, Bill (Maverick32183) and I will be returning to Massachusetts for the holidays so not much animating will be going on for the next two weeks, however I have found that between working full time and having some semblance of a life, I am still able to finish a cartoon in about 2-3 weeks, so you can expect the next one in mid to late January.

Till then, Happy Holidays all.


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2008-12-17 12:49:37

Awesome cartoon


2008-12-17 17:01:23

It was so great... tops your last one, which I still watch constantly... you have the most hilarious conversation ideas in your flash

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks. We aspire to keep a certain level of quality so I'm glad to know it's paying off. Keep on watchin 'em and I'll keep makin 'em.


2008-12-17 17:21:26

yeah, that's awesome


2008-12-18 00:38:24

I sat up before I was done shitting this morning and accidentally squirted shit all over the back of my toilet.