New SKETCHED in the portal.

2008-11-20 14:45:46 by sirjeffofshort

Hey everyone! There is a new Sketched cartoon available now in the portal. Check it out here:

It stars myself and J.S. Thompson (A.K.A. Silent War)

The next SKETCHED toon is underway and will have a holiday theme. Details are sparse, but it will be starring Bill Rinaldi(The boss of the Pregnancy Testsketch), and Jake Richardson of "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," and "Clerks II" fame. There are also brief cameo's from myself and Lori Starkgraf.

So check out the new vid and let me know what you think.

Rock on Newgrounds.

-Jeff Short


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2008-11-20 20:52:29

First comment! Yes! Haha Anyways back to business. I love your flashes, you are an author on his way too being a very popular one on NG. Your works are so funny I'm literally on the floor laughing. Great job, I can not WAIT to see what other tricks are in your hat.
Keep rockin\m/


2008-11-21 06:59:20

very enjoyable cartoon you got there, congrats on the daily award.
looking forward to more work from you. good luck.


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