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Entry #66

ATTENTION: Writers and Comic Artists

2013-09-18 14:01:15 by sirjeffofshort

Most (if not all of you) are probably unaware that as my day job I work as an illustrator and animator in the digital publishing industry. I've been doing this for about six years now and have helped to publish works for National Geographic, Time Magazine, Marie Claire, Warner Brothers and many MANY more.

I have decided that, while I love what I do, I would really love to take the knowledge I've garnered in my field and use it to help develop independent talent and get their work out to the masses.

For that reason,I am starting my own digital publishing house. Noreasta Publishing ( a subsidiary of the parent company through which I produce my animation and film work.)

The important thing for you guys, is that as we gear up to launch our publisher later this year, we are entering a time of open submissions and pitching and we would love to hear from you.

We are able to publish both fixed format (comics, childrens books etc) and reflowable (novels and mixed media books) e-books. Our current distribution channels would put your work on Amazon, the Barnes and Noble digital store and the iBook store. As the publisher of your work, we would simply take a portion of the profit from the sales of the book (leaving you the lions share of course) and promote your work to the best of our abilities (we are of course a fledgling company, but we will hopefully build up in time.) The books would be available to be purchased and read on desktop computers and tablet devices.

We want to dedicate ourselves to discovering and developing under-represented talent throughout the world, and therefore are looking for everything from unknown to established independent writers and artists with projects they are passionate about completing and introducing to the public.

Things we are interested in:
- Graphic Novels
- Comics compilations (a collection of your established web comic or series)
- Childrens Books
- Horror Short Stories (we are considering publishing a compilation of short stories)
- Genre fiction novels (Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, we love it all)
- Really, anything you are passionate about.

If you think this is something in which you may be interested in participating, please send the following materials to

1. An introduction! Of course we want to get to know you, the artist.
2. Our standard release form (found here...)
3. A description of your project (or projects.)
4. Work samples.
- For Authors, a short story would do, however if you have the first few chapters of your pitched work that would be preferable.
- For comic or childrens book artists, 3-5 pages of finished and lettered artwork.
5. Relevant links (optional). If you're already an established webcomic artist or your writing is posted somewhere throughout the internet that's great! We'd love to see any relevant work.


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2013-09-18 20:35:07

Sweet! I got a couple of horror short stories I could submit. So would I need to print the release form out to sign it by hand?

sirjeffofshort responds:

Yeah, it's mostly just a formality but we just need to have a readable copy with a signature on it, so either a digital version signed on a tablet, or scanned in, or even just a good photo of the page would do.

Looking forward to seeing your stuff!


2013-09-19 07:09:05

I am interested! I will send you my work right away!


2013-09-19 08:09:57

Interesting is this going to be like a new M├ętal Hurlant?


2013-09-21 12:17:24

I alredy emailed you the work but im confused how to send the disclaimer, do i do it via email or what?

sirjeffofshort responds:

Yeah, you can just send a photo or a scan via e-mail. Thanks a ton! Look forward to reading your work.


2014-11-06 13:55:33

You still alive and kicking?


2015-03-28 00:46:42

Do you have a website for this publishing house?


2015-04-26 07:10:50